Kenwa Mabuni (1889-1952) is the founder of Shito Ryu Karate.  Master Mabuni studied under two famous Okinawa masters: Yatsune Itosu of Shuri Te and Kaneryu Higaonna of Naha Te.   Mabuni blended their teachings into a new system he called Shito Ryu.  Shito is a name       composed of Japanese characters from both instructors names.  Shito Ryu distinguishes itself from other styles by incorporating Kobudo, the art of weaponry.

Shogo Kuniba (1935-1992) was born in the city of Fuji-Yoshida-Shi, son of Kosei Kuniba.  He began his Karate training at the age of 5 in his father's Dojo.  At the age of 12, he began training with Master Mabuni in Shito Ryu and was soon promoted to Shodan.  Master Kuniba trained in    Karate, Judo, Iai-do and studied Kobudo under Master Shinken Taira.

Teruo Hayashi (1924-1995)  Master Hayashi began his martial arts career studying Judo and received his third degree black belt.  After a confrontation against two karate students in which he lost, he began to study karate under Kosei Kuniba and Master Mabuni.  With his natural ability and diligence, he earned his Sho Dan in only six months.  Master. Hayashi also studied under Sensei Nakaima of Ryuei Ryu and Sensei Nagamine of the Matsubayashi Ryu.  In his day, Master Hayashi was recognized as one of the world’s leading experts in Kobudo.

Ryusho Sakagami (1915-1993) was born in Kawanishi City of Japan. In 1934, he became interested in the art to Karate-Do and Kobudo and was encouraged by his Sensei to continue his Karate with Master Kenwa Mabuni and Kobudo under Master Shinken Taira.  Sakagami became famous for his knowledge of all Japanese Budo and was regarded as a walking encyclopedia of styles, lineage, technique, and Kata. He also distinguished himself to a level of 5th Dan in Aikido, 5th Dan in Judo, and 7th Dan in Jukendo (Rifle & Bayonet).

Dr. Timothy M. Brooks, Soke (Founder) The son of missionary parents, Grandmaster Brooks traveled to Japan in the early 1960’s.  While there, Dr. Brooks became interested in the study of Karate and studied  under Masters Shogo Kuniba, Ryusho Sakagami and Teruo Hayashi.  During his time in Japan, Dr. Brooks toured internationally giving Karate demonstrations and specializing in Tameshi Wari. His love of Karate and faith in God brought him to the United States in 1970.  Dr. Brooks has graduated over 800 Black Belts and founded Kurokawa-Ha Shito Ryu Kai

Lady Teruko Kurokawa Brooks was born in Kyusho, Japan.  Spared from the atomic bomb of WW II, she met Dr. Brooks at his father’s Christian mission where she entrusted her life to Jesus Christ in 1961.  Her karate career began in 1967 and continued as she assisted her husband, with their numerous Dojo.  Lady Teruko, Soke, is a 16th generation daughter of the Kurokawa clan whose Samurai warriors served under Lord Shimazu of Kagoshima during Feudal Japan.  Her study of Karate has deepened her appreciation of the martial arts of her country.  As a mother and grandmother, her concern is for this generation of children.  She believes Karate plays an important role in building discipline, courage and character in children, contributing a positive element for society and the future.

Carmen “Teru” Diaz,  Shihan Teru has trained under Grandmaster Brooks and Lady Teruko since 1987.  In addition, she has had the honor of training under Master Hayashi, Master Kenzo Mabuni, Master Ozawa, Master Demura and Master Chinen.  A graduate of Florida State University, she enjoys sports and holds several National Titles. Ms. Diaz operates Kurokawa Martial Arts Dojo, home of Team Kurokawa in Florida and is recognized as a Technical Coach by the Amateur Athletic Union. 

Current Instructors, Team Coaches and Sempai at Kurokawa

Shihan Dillon "Tsuba" Fretwell; Tom Guida; Robert "Matsubayashi" Stanley; Dr. Alex Martinez; Dr. Jeff "Daitsuke" Lentz; Phillip "Susumu" Sakornsin; Ben "Okami" Diaz; Jean Gruss; Steven Lee; Joann Augustinsen; Jose Martinez, Sam Gruss, Juan Enrique Diaz, Cassidy Marino; Colton Bernaldo, Gunnar Augustinsen

Hatamoto: Dr. Jerry "Kuroshin" Morris

Other Instructors under Kurokawa Budo Kai:  Shihan Aki; Shihan Kita; Shihan Rokki; Renshi Taka; Dai Sensei Hotaru;  Sam Obregon; Bob Brennan; Tara Brown; Ed Benjamin; Hoshiko; Martin Avilez, Melanie Edmonds; Don Vaccaro