We keep it simple at Kurokawa -  No Contracts. With that said, we are grateful that our members keep up with their membership fees just as they expect us to keep up with classes, special programs and overall excellence in the Martial Arts. Payment is due by the 23rd of each month for the upcoming month.  We keep our dojo open and classes running even if you decide to take a "holiday" break. We appreciate your support whether you choose to attend or not attend that month.  

However, if you decide to stop your membership at Kurokawa, let us know. If not, please pay on time. Domo Artigato.

Single Membership Fee  $145

Single monthly Group Class Membership

Due by the 23rd of month for next month.

Family/Friend Membership Fee  $185 

2 Family/Friends monthly Group Class Membership

 Due by the 23rd of month for next month

3 Family/Friends Membership Fee $210

3 Family/Friends monthly Group Class Membership
Due by the 23rd of month for next month


Karate Kid Camps

When School is Out, We are IN! 

No experience needed. Karate Camp doors open at 8:30 am and Karate action starts at 9:00 am.  Karate, Kid Friendly Okinawan Weapons, Games, Skill Drills, Bag Work and Self Defense will keep your karate kid hopping!

We break for lunch and then go outside for sports and fun in the afternoon. Field trips may be offered. Field trip or equipment is not included in Camp Fees

Camp Fees:

One Day     $30

Two Days:  $50

One Week: $139

Text us at 239.482.4489 for more information!

Winter Schedule 2020


9:30  Lil' Dragons at Growing Room

2:30-6:00  After School Program

5:00. Karate Kids Beginner

6:00  Kobudo

6:30  Intermediate/Advance Karate


11:00 am  General Karate

2:30-6:00 After School Program

6:00  Beginner Bojutsu

6:30  Beginner Karate


2:30-6:00  After School Program

6:00 - 8:00  Team Kurokawa Practice


Special Programs and Classes